[TLVM] AC Magnetostriction Measurement Equipment

This equipment measures quantitatively magnetostriction to indicate mechanical striction in magnetizing direction caused when magnetic steel sheet sample was alternately magnetized and is used for research and development of magnetic steel sheet.
Magnetostriction is detected as speed signal through the parameters of magnetic flux density and compressive stress with laser doppler vibration meter.
Magnetostrictin is acquired by computing process of personal computer record speed signal waveform and magnetic flux waveform with digital oscilloscope.

[TLVM] AC Magnetostriction Measurement Equipment

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  • Vibration meter, in which semiconductor laser is used, can stably measure over long term.
  • The measurement for excitation of sine wave, triangle wave and rectangle wave at commercial power frequency can be measured as well as.
    The excitation of any wave can be measured as well.
  • Measurement for [λp-p],[λo-p] at zero-stress and compressive stress of 0~1.0 kgf/mm2 can be made.
    Besides, the indication of waveform of [B-t][λ-t][Butterfly curve], the measurement of characteristics of [B-λ] and noise analysis can be made.

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