[VSM-5SC] Superconducting Type of Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

This type is used for high magnetic field by the use of super-conducting magnet.
Refrigerator cooling system conducting magnet by no use of liquid Helium is available.

[VSM-5SC] Superconducting Type of Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

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  • The type of superconducting magnet employs refrigerator cooling system with only electric power and cooling water without the use of liquid Helium.
  • With the above-mentioned system, drastic reduction of running cost can be made possible.
  • Superconducting magnet, which has less residual field and is capable of changing polarity, can measure full magnetization curve.
  • No drift occurs at all even in long time measurement.
  • The control for liquid Helium temperature from 4.2 K to about 1,000K can be made possible.
  • The unit is capable of continuously measuring magnetization curves of varieties of magnetic materials with maximum applied magnetic field of approx.4.0MA/m (5Tesla) in a sensitivity of approx.1 x 10-4emu.
  • Various of generation magnetic field from maximum magnetic field of about 2.4MA/m to about 8.0MA/m are available.

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